Alfresco Day London 2018: differentiation is built, not bought.

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 12/19/18 9:21 AM

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London, UK - December 6, 2018 - What do a UK-based hospital, an India-based information technology and business process services company and a UK-based cyber security innovation enterprise have in common? 

One simple thing: their leaders are transforming and innovating their processes through AI and Alfresco Digital Platform. This is what we discovered at the Alfresco Day London, last December.

As we already mentioned in our article "Alfresco Day Paris: the future of Alfresco includes Alfred, during the Alfresco one-day event, attendees join and experience meaningful and fruitful keynotes, customers testimonials and partners offering and solutions. 

CEO Bernadette Nixon, opened the event, sharing the ultimate Alfresco goal: to help companies achieve innovation, accelerate user adoption and drive the transformation. And speed and innovation are the two main drivers to execute this mission and deliver great value to customers.


Alfresco Day London


Speed and innovation that organization can achieve by migrating their 20+ year multiple legacy systems into a modern platform. Moving forward in his road-map, Alfresco is embracing the market evolution toward the following strategic focus areas:

  1. Process-first digital operations and transformation;
  2. Accelerate building and deploying digital solutions;
  3. Global-scale, multi cloud, digital operations;
  4. Artificial Intelligence to automate digital operations;
  5. Reduce the cost of digital operations;
  6. Enterprise product differentiation.

Alfresco's growth strategy includes also experienced partners, like Crawford Technologies, Zarion, Pernexas, that are delivering solutions and providing also expert advice with assessment, implementation, migration, training, and support.


Alfred Xenit Alfresco


So, differentiation and innovation are built, not bought and, following this principle, our mission, as trusted Alfresco partner, is to help companies unlock the power and the real value of their digital platform, through a blueprint content service architecture, Alfred.

Alfred is an Alfresco fully integrated suite of products for content, process and records management, which can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. The solutions leverages and enriches Alfresco Content Services (ACS) and Alfresco Process Services (APS) through:

  1. GUI (graphical user interface): Alfred offers windows desktop native and web user interfaces, to enhance user adoption;
  2. An open set of API’s (Integration layer): to isolate business application development from Alfresco platform upgrades, delivering quality of services and API governance; 
  3. Storage: for multi million legal and active archive.
  4. Monitoring: with full and transparent reporting of errors and status.

Alfresco is a strategic fit for IT organizations that build their own content services applications and desire the full control to do so,” observed John Newton, CTO at Alfresco. “Our most innovative customers rely on Alfresco technologies to create differentiation in their own vertical markets, and we believe that this coverage from Gartner affirms that Alfresco is a powerful platform for companies that not only need leading-edge content management but for those that are driving digital transformation”(J. Newton, Alfresco Rated in Gartner’s 2018 Critical Capabilities for Content Services Platforms).


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Xenit is a Belgium-based IT company, focusing  on content services solutions, and covering all document-related business processes, from data migration to digital archive to hybrid/cloud hosting solution, to help organizations get control of their information. Premier Partner and System Integrator of Alfresco Digital Business Platform, Xenit has more than 10 years of experience in Alfresco Content and Process Services.


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