Alfresco Day Paris: the future of Alfresco includes Alfred

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 10/29/18 12:52 PM

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Last October, the Alfresco Global Tour day was held in Paris, bringing together Alfresco leaders, customers, partners and consultants.

As the standard Alfresco Day format, attendees joined and experienced meaningful and fruitful keynotes, customers testimonials and partners offering and new solutions. John Newton provided his vision of what technology and enterprise collaboration will look like in 2024. Artificial intelligent will be the future for Alfresco, to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of content and process. The way organizations will design their systems will be centered around how people AND information AND content become part of the ever-changing, ever-adaptable business process. They need to build an infrastructure where companies can react quickly and leverage data and insights to make decisions (John Newton, CTO Alfresco).


Alfresco Paris Day 2018


In his lightening talk, our CEO Ronny Timmermans, declared: “Alfresco Content Service and Alfresco Process Service allow customers to build and evolve their digital processes and improve their customers experience. Alfresco is the Digital Business Platform that makes handling files more efficient by storing them in one central location. This allows seamless collaboration, and more control of the processes and content in your company. However, the market is changing, towards what we know being digital transformation, and it requires powerful solutions like sophisticated user interfaces or intelligent integrations. Here is where our solution Alfred plays a key role."

 Alfresco Paris Day 2018

Alfresco Paris Day 2018


Xenit indeed has been working with global and local customers since the beginning, from government to public sector, insurance and engineering, everyone with different stories, but with a common requirement: availability and integration.

As a result of this request, we are developing Alfred, a suite of products built around Alfresco to empower users and unlock the real value of Alfresco, by providing quality of services, availability, speed, performance and security.


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Alfred is one solution, that includes:

  1. Intuitive user interfaces - Alfred Desktop and Alfred Finder, to manage and collaborate on content, find and retrieve documents, in less that 3 seconds per query.
  2. Intelligent integration layer - Alfred Edge, Alfred Inflow and Alfred API, to decouple your business applications and Alfresco. As a result, the applications can evolve and upgrade independently from each other.
  3. Monitoring system - Alfred Ops, to proactively monitor, diagnose and solve Alfresco issues and,
  4. Object Storage solution - Alfred Object Storage, to store on-premise Alfresco documents in SWARM, an S3 compliant object store for multi-million archives.

Integrating and connecting people and process through content is the long-term benefit for companies, that are on the mission to better engage with their customers. The future of Alfresco includes Alfred, in helping these companies reaching their mission.




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About Xenit 


Xenit is a Belgium-based IT company, official partner of Alfresco, the Digital Business Platform. Focusing on intelligent information management and passionate about productivity, Xenit enhances Alfresco capabilities with a unique approach to eliminate content chaos

Our solution Alfred is an Alfresco fully integrated suite of products for content, process and records management which can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. The solution leverages and enriches Alfresco Content and Process Services, through

  • GUI (graphical user interface): Alfred offers Windows desktop native and web user interfaces, with focus on the search experience 
  • An open set of API’s (Integration layer): to isolate business application development from Alfresco platform upgrades.
  • Storage: for multi million legal and active archive
  • Monitoring: with full and transparent reporting of errors and status


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