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2021 Intelligent Information Management insights and challenges

How does 2022 look like for the Intelligent Information Industry?

How to proactively manage your Alfresco Content Services subscription

Four reasons why you'll upgrade to Alfresco 7 and you won't regret it

Entity recognition with Machine Learning - Ensemble Learners

Incremental Alfresco connector for Lucidworks Fusion

Knowledge Management Tips to Improve Employee Experience in 2021

Entity recognition with Machine Learning - spaCy

The benefits of auditing your Alfresco

A 3-step approach to audit your Alfresco

Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms - Gartner 2020

Intelligent Information Management unleashes the cognitive revolution

The impact of COVID-19 on cloud adoption

From Enterprise Search to Cognitive Search

Top 6 features of Intelligent Information Management Systems

AI and Enterprise Search empower remote workers in a Post-Covid 19 Era

Search indexing Alfresco

Enterprise search empowers people: let's discover how

Ethias: how to scale up beyond 100 million documents in Alfresco

Ethias: 3-sec search response time for 100 million docs in Alfresco

Digital Signature: new integration in Alfresco with Alfred Finder

Entity Recognition with Machine Learning

Customers communication digital archiving

Automatic Document Classification with Machine Learning and AI

Alfred Telemetry: metrics for Alfresco Digital Platform

Reducing maintenance costs of Alfresco with Care4Alf

Alfresco recognized as Leader in the Forrester Wave Evaluation

Intelligent Automation Trends: AIIM's survey

XeniT open sources Alfred Software - part II

On-Premise vs Cloud: Which ECM is right for you?

XeniT open sources Alfred Software

How to quickly develop Alfresco repository extensions

How to quickly bootstrap an Alfresco project with Xenit Initializr

Content Management for dummies: 6 tips to select the right solution

Alfresco ECM: Cloud first, content and process!

Claims processing automation with Alfresco Digital Business Platform

Gartner's ECM evaluation: Alfresco better than SharePoint and Nuxeo!

Alfresco User Interface:tell me what you use, I'll tell you who you're

High availability and performance: how to scale Alfresco with Alfred

3 Tips to migrate Alfresco to AWS or Azure

Alfresco Day London 2018: differentiation is built, not bought.

Innovative Quality and Quality Innovation with Alfresco

DevCon 2018 - Behind the scenes of Alfred Finder

Deloitte Technology's Fast 50 Belgium

DevCon 2018 - Production ready Alfresco Docker stack

Alfresco DevCon - PostgreSQL practical guide

La Journée Alfresco à Paris : Le future d’Alfresco inclut Alfred

Alfresco Day Paris: the future of Alfresco includes Alfred

Open Sourcing Alfresco Docker Gradle plugin

Digital Insurance: you need a content and process services management

Digitalization in Insurance: what Ageas, KBC and Xenit think about it

Belgian Insurance Market: digital change leaders start with Alfresco

Insurance: key barriers to digital transformation

Digital Transformation Strategy: the voice of the customers

When technology meets regulation (GDPR) - part II

When technology meets regulation (GDPR) - part I

Do workers still waste time searching for information?

5 tips for improving user adoption with the right UX

4 new ways to find documents on Alfresco with Alfred Finder - part II

4 new ways to find documents on Alfresco with Alfred Finder

Stop searching, start finding: introducing Alfred Finder

GDPR Challenge 7: Control the usage of documents by external parties.

GDPR Challenge 6: Keep track of the right time to delete documents and to permanently delete the documents.

GDPR Challenge 5: Detect breaches and take appropriate action

GDPR: the 7 challenges for securing your documents

GDPR Challenge 4: Make documents available offline in a secure way

GDPR Challenge 3: Monitor and control access to the documents and store the right metadata

GDPR Challenge 2: State of the art security of documents and metadata

What's new in Alfred Desktop 3.6

GDPR - Challenge 1 : Identify documents containing personal data

Xenit re-branding brings you more

Three key steps to get your company compliant to GDPR

Top four GDPR buzz-words you need to know

5 ways to boost the desktop experience of your Alfresco end-users

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Xenit is a Belgium-based IT company, focusing  on content services solutions, and covering all document-related business processes, from data migration to digital archive to hybrid/cloud hosting solution, to help organizations get control of their information. Premier Partner and System Integrator of Alfresco Digital Business Platform, Xenit has more than 10 years of experience in Alfresco Content and Process Services.


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