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Accomplished and integrity-driven professional with over 10 years of cumulative experience in Project Management, Consulting, Inbound Marketing and Lean Startup, with strong concentration in project and change management mainly through Consulting. Strong experience in solving customers challenges, by coming up with straightforward, simple solutions to accelerate results. Aiming to drive the Marketing role towards customer centricity, by leveraging agile methodology and latest technologies, to accelerate time-to-market.
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Four reasons why you'll upgrade to Alfresco 7 and you won't regret it

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 10/12/21 8:42 PM

If your Android phone isn't running the latest software, your security and privacy might be in jeopardy. Every time Apple drops a major new operating system update—whether macOS or iOS—there’s the question of whether or not you should upgrade right away or wait a while. Obviously, one of the main reasons to upgrade it is to access all the new features. Technological solutions come with a shelf life. So, you need to make sure that they’re updated periodically. This applies to your Alfresco document management solution as well.

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Topics: Alfresco, Community, Hyland, ACS, Alfresco Content Services, upgrade, enterprise

Knowledge Management Tips to Improve Employee Experience in 2021

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 5/7/21 8:36 PM

Last month, we hosted the webinar "Knowledge Management Tips to Improve Employee Experience in 2021, together with Lucidworks. 

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Topics: Alfresco, SharePoint, Machine Learning, Enterprise Search, fusion, lucidworks, Hyland

Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms - Gartner 2020

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 12/9/20 10:22 AM

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platform, 2020 is available. Alfresco Digital Business Platform has been named leader, as well as Hyland, which has just completed the acquisition of Alfresco.

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Topics: Alfresco, Content Services, Gartner, Content Cloud, Hyland

The impact of COVID-19 on cloud adoption

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 9/15/20 11:17 AM

A few months ago, MariaDB conducted a study to gauge the initial COVID-19 impact on businesses moving to the cloud and IT professionals’ attitudes on what has changed and what they think will change going forward.

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Topics: Alfresco, Alfred, Cloud, Content Cloud

From Enterprise Search to Cognitive Search

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 8/10/20 3:46 PM

More than half (54%) of global information workers are interrupted from their work a few times or more per month to spend time looking for or trying to get access to information, insights, and answers. The problem: old keyword-based enterprise search engines of the past are obsolete.

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Topics: Advanced Search, Searching for information, Enterprise Search, lucidworks, cognitive search

Top 6 features of Intelligent Information Management Systems

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 7/21/20 11:52 AM

Over three years ago, AIIM introduced the concept of Intelligent Information Management, or IIM, and began researching the connections between IIM and Digital Transformation.

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Topics: Alfresco, Content Services, Advanced Search, content management, Searching for information, IIM, AIIM, Enterprise Search, lucidworks

AI and Enterprise Search empower remote workers in a Post-Covid 19 Era

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 7/6/20 11:39 AM

The teleconferencing company Zoom has seen a massive increase in profits and has doubled its annual sales forecast, driven by a surge in users as more people work from home and connect with friends online during the coronavirus crisis. (Source - Zoom booms as teleconferencing company profits from coronavirus crisis - The Guardian)

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Topics: Alfresco, Content Services, Metadata, Advanced Search, content management, Searching for information, Enterprise Search, lucidworks

Digital Signature: new integration in Alfresco with Alfred Finder

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 3/3/20 12:40 PM

Digital Signatures have become the new normal however, there are still many misconceptions about them. Does a digital signature have the same legal value as written signatures? What is the importance of identification in a signature session? Does the end user always have to download software when signing documents digitally? 

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Topics: Alfresco, Alfred Finder, Connective, Digital Signature

Entity Recognition with Machine Learning

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 1/21/20 9:39 AM

In this pilot study, Tom Magerman - MSc Business and Information Systems Engineering, PhD at UCLL (University Colleges Leuven Limburg) - and our team at Xenit,  want to check the effectiveness of applying automated named entity recognition on a set of miscellaneous documents in a corporate document management system. The idea is to use machine learning (artificial intelligence) techniques to identify and extract natural person names from documents. 

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Topics: GDPR, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, data recognition

Customers communication digital archiving

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 1/2/20 4:53 PM


Customer communications are fundamental to organisations of all sizes. They provide a critical means of communicating money owed, account history, case updates, policy details, and many other kinds of marketing and transactional detail to consumers.

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Topics: Alfresco, Alfred Inflow, ECM, Digital Archive, Crawford Technologies

About Xenit 


Xenit is a Belgium-based IT company, focusing  on content services solutions, and covering all document-related business processes, from data migration to digital archive to hybrid/cloud hosting solution, to help organizations get control of their information. Premier Partner and System Integrator of Alfresco Digital Business Platform, Xenit has more than 10 years of experience in Alfresco Content and Process Services.


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