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Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 12/11/18 10:28 AM

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"You cannot build, maintain and scale Quality without Innovation, you cannot be innovative without taking care of Quality". This is how An Kint, Director of the Flemish Quality Management Center, opened the annual quality conference, held in Antwerp (Belgium), last November.

The conference welcomed about 250 participants, from Flemish and international companies and organizations, with the purpose of exploring the crossing between Innovation and Quality.

"Have you ever been to see a 3D film? And ever closed one of your eyes and watched through just one of the lenses of the 3D glasses you are wearing? It will be difficult to see what it's all about. The image will be discolored. Only when looking through the 2 lenses at the same time, the 3D feature will work properly. The same goes for quality and innovation: you can't have one without the other." An Kint's similitude was a way to visualize the importance of thinking about these two attributes as one inseparable thing. 


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The morning session continued with a deep insight from Stephen Hacker about transformation and how the future of quality is a strategy. "Transformation has become imperative in a world facing accelerated change and increased complexity. And successful leaders need to employ Transformational Leadership ... its approaches, skills, mindsets and practices." (Stephen Hacker)

During the afternoon session, several workshops took place and Ronny Timmermans, CEO and Director of Xenit, presented how to ensure Quality and Innovation with effective Information Management. 

ISO 9001 and other standards require different types of information to be documented and it should include title and properties; versioning information and approval; document control; automatic permissions; e-Signature; configurable workflows and compliance with regulations.

Quality systems are all about documenting your current processes and making sure that the stakeholders are aware of them and that they follow these processes. However, quality leaders are facing several challenges, such as:

  • Large number of disperate information management systems;
  • Lack of integrations or coordination between information systems;
  • Range of legacy systems requiring upgrading or replacement;
  • Limited and patchy adoption of existing information systems by staff;
  • Poor quality of information, including lack of consistency, duplication and out-of-date information.



So, why would that be different using Alfresco and Xenit Alfred Suite?

Alfresco’s document management software brings company content under control, providing a better, more effortless way for people to work, making sure they have the information they need, exactly when they need it most. Alfresco helps over 1,300 industry-leading organizations, including Cisco, Bank of NY Mellon, Capital One, US Department of Navy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and NASA, be more responsive and competitive.

Ronny shared few of these customers stories, showing how companies are achieving quality and compliance, in the innovative way. 

Just to give you some examples, Boss Paints is managing laboratory and material quality in Alfresco. They use Alfresco also to keep quality of documents properties and metadata.

For the new HQ, BNP Paribas Fortis exchanged all plans and practices with engineers, quality managers, architects via Alfresco, limiting the risks of liability due to incorrect communication.

Alfresco and Alfred help Aquafin to grow into a process driven organization, avoiding hidden costs and risks, managing over 1000 projects every year. 

Companies that operate in highly regulated and frequently audited environments are often challenged with managing an ever-growing mountain of compliance documentation. However, many of them still maintain manual processes for routing, filing and organizing compliance-critical documentation. 

Intelligent Information Management is a crucial part of this process and in general of your company’s digital transformation. Digitizing your core business processes in such a way that quality, compliance and governance is automated is at the heart of a successful  transformation.

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Xenit is a Belgium-based IT company, focusing  on content services solutions, and covering all document-related business processes, from data migration to digital archive to hybrid/cloud hosting solution, to help organizations get control of their information. Premier Partner and System Integrator of Alfresco Digital Business Platform, Xenit has more than 10 years of experience in Alfresco Content and Process Services.


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