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2021 Intelligent Information Management insights and challenges

Posted by Daniela Di Noi on 1/4/22 10:37 AM

According to the AIIM report “2021 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry’, organizations need to seriously address four specific information concerns if they hope to succeed in their journey to becoming truly digital organizations.

  1. The C-Suite is failing to align business and technology strategies. 
  2. Organizations are losing the battle against information chaos and need to rethink outdated manual approaches to information management. 
  3. Organizations need to increase their investment in critical IIM competencies.
  4. Money, focus, and culture – not just technology – are key to true digital transformation.
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How to proactively manage your Alfresco Content Services subscription

Posted by Klaus Shipley on 10/18/21 3:27 PM

In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan who was condemned to hold up the heavens for all eternity. He was given this sentence because he refused to support the Gods of Olympia. In the world of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Alfresco is a distinguished industry, Titan, with a reputation for its enterprise-level software. As a result, many companies hope that Alfresco’s software subscription is enough to keep their platform fast, secure and responsive. For some firms this level of support is adequate. However, experience has taught us that without competent support, many companies would end up in the same position as Atlas.

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Xenit is a Belgium-based IT company, focusing  on content services solutions, and covering all document-related business processes, from data migration to digital archive to hybrid/cloud hosting solution, to help organizations get control of their information. Premier Partner and System Integrator of Alfresco Digital Business Platform, Xenit has more than 10 years of experience in Alfresco Content and Process Services.


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